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4 Hands

4 hands massage Addis Why?

Have you always been having this inside desire to experience an erotic massage with two women? Then here is your opportunity to try out our premier option of four hands massage! It’s an exclusive experience for the clients that wanna maximize their pleasure.

4 hands massage Addis

What is 4 hands massage Addis?

Imagine all the expert techniques applied by our skilled masseuses mirrored and synchronized perfectly, not only by four hands, but by two bodies. All of this delivered in an unforgettable body to body contact. The massage begins when you are lying on your abdomen. With gentle carefulness, the masseuse will not skip any part of your body. Back, shoulders, legs – every part of your boxy gets attention during this sensual session. The feeling that you will have is beyond amazing. Your whole body and mind will wander under the intense pleasure of these skilled touches!

Why not try 4 hands massage Addis then?

Just imagine having two of our amazing masseuses sliding up and down your body! And they are also so caring and attentive to all your needs!

When you are relaxed and , probably, turned on, it’s time to flip from back to the front. That’s when the erotic journey gets to a different level. That’s when you actually start appreciating the beauty of the masseuses with your own eyes!

They will for sure make you reach the peak of an erotic pleasure, since our endings are always happy !

Definitely an experience you will remember for a long time! Contact us to make an appointment!


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